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Learn to speak Spanish fluently for business, school, home and un-school, study and travel abroad or for whatever reason through individual tutoring sessions or in small class sessions. I can help you learn Spanish much faster than in a typical classroom setting!

Spanish Small Groups in Wheaton!

December 15, 2013 - Posted by: admin

Join one of my fun Spanish Small Groups at any level at my Spanish Studio in Downtown Wheaton (213 S. Wheaton Ave.) My unique conversational method is ideally suited for groups in which we progress through Spanish Grammar rapidly but deeply through communication exercises and exchanges, readings, writing and the incorporatation Latino folk and pop culture thoughout (audio material,music, poetry, rhymes and more) to craft a unique Spanish experience! We also have bi-weekly convesational meetups and other events. Acompananos!


Spanish Small Groups in the New Year

January 17, 2013 - Posted by: admin

I have enjoyed teaching to everyone this past year but some of my fondest memories come for teaching Spanish in groups! My groups this year have experienced much laughs, special guests, birthday celebrations, food surprises and much camaraderie in study and practice that being in a small group with one’s peers naturally promotes.

Groups that are too large can be impersonal and lacking in many intangible elements but the small group of 3-6 is really a great compromise between individual lessons and large group. Currently making a checklist of objectives for my small groups some of the goals include: trips; holiday celebrations relevant to the Spanish speaking world; food; wine; dances; interaction with special guest Spanish speakers; and tapping into special events in the Spanish speaking community in Chicagoland.

!Caray! Ask me about taking part in a small group!


Summer Spanish Small Groups!

June 18, 2012 - Posted by: admin

This summer, keep it caliente by joining a Spanish small group in Wheaton or Naperville. My Spanish small groups are fun and dynamic, learning and using Spanish with your peers at whatever level you might be in. My small groups are taught in my unique !Ole! Spanish teaching method developed and evolved to teach Spanish faster with a much greater appreciation and depth of knowledge.

Small group Spanish features new vocabulary sets every other week, grammar and my !Situaciones! Conversational component. In addition small groups are spiced up with elements of Latino/ Spanish art, music poetry and pop culture.


¡Olé! Spanish Circles in the West Suburbs!

August 4, 2011 - Posted by: admin

Small Group Spanish!

There is no reason to spend much time here listing the beauty and importance of learning Spanish! Learn to speak or improve you Spanish towards fluency for personal enrichment, business, travel abroad or for whatever reason through my West Suburban Spanish Circle sessions of 3-6 individuals in downtown Wheaton, Dupage (the heart of the suburbs)!

I can help you learn Spanish much faster than in a typical classroom setting and have much fun in the process with a dynamic group of your peers!


Spanish for Children…

July 31, 2011 - Posted by: admin

!Ole Jr Magical Spanish for children, individual and small groups.

!Ole parents and chicos! I am Cristobal an experienced Spanish teacher (MA w/ BA Spanish, International Studies, Montessori), native speaker (Mexicano) and tutor (!Ole Spanish Fluency) based in Wheaton available to help your children learn Spanish with my unique Berlitz, Waldorf , Montessori and Latin America inspired teaching method.

My children’s Spanish incorporates songs, rhyming, acting, fairly tales, nursery rhymes, games, poetry, stories, Latino folk and pop culture and much more providing a dynamic experience in the Spanish language, making your children speak Spanish while encouraging creativity and culture. Parent participation is welcome and encouraged!

My lessons are flexible, around the west suburbs in homes or other optimal learning environments, designed for individuals or small groups of children and fun!
Sana, sana colita de rana si no sanas hoy sanaras manana!

Cristobal Cavazos Cardenas
!Ole Spanish Tutoring
References are available upon request.


Silvio Rodriguez – Lo de más

May 19, 2011 - Posted by: admin


“Sunset Crash” from Carlos Almaraz

March 8, 2011 - Posted by: admin



Meet Cristobal Cavazos

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In this video, you will see an introduction of Cristobal Cavazos; Spanish tutor from Wheaton, IL.